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FortSpace, established in 2015, is dedicated to reliable and affordable high-performance one-stop cloud server deployment with DDoS protection for individual developers, small and medium, and large-scale enterprises around the globe.

FortSpace cloud computing platform based on advanced architecture; SSD devices to make sure high-performance I/O; T+ level DDoS protection; Ceph, the distributed storage, to realize automatic redundancy to guarantee high availability. FortSpace now is serving over 450 enterprises and 1620 individual developers to help them build and maintain more reliable, effective and elastic IT deployment solutions.



FortSpace has more than 170 employees with over 100 cloud computing technical experts, engineers, testers, operation and maintenance staffs, who have an average of decade’s experience in cloud computing industry. As business grows, professionals are always welcomed to join FortSpace.



FortSpace is on a mission to simplify and lower the cost of cloud computing to power clients’ online business. With trust from more and more clients, FortSpace research and development team will continually offer and improve more cloud server environment around the globe to meet clients’ growing business.

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