Billing and Accounting


I cant log into my account.

You can clear up browser’s cache or change browser to retry. We recommend Chrome browser.


I forget my login name.

Your registered mobile phone number is default FortSpace website login name, and you can use E-mail to log in if registered E-mail has been activated.


How am I billed for data transfer?

You can select plan with applicable volume of data transfer according to your business. Default volume of data transfer in the plan is free, but exceeding volume of data transfer will be charged.


How to apply for a refund?

Please contact customer service to apply for a refund. Yearly or monthly billed cloud server or cloud storage within 5 days of purchase supports refund. Every account has only one chance for refund.


How to request invoice for purchased products?

Please contact FortSpace customer service to request invoice.


How to get voucher?

Please follow promotions on FortSpace official website.


How to use voucher?

You can use voucher to offset equivalent order amount when you purchase, upgrade or renew cloud server. If you apply for a refund for order billed with voucher, equivalent order amount of voucher won’t be refunded. Other rules of use of voucher, please follow notes in specific promotion.




What type of bandwidth?

The bandwidth in all FortSpace plans is dedicated.


Can I upload my image?

Currently it’s not available for users to upload image.


Which system images are available on FortSpace platform?

Win2008、Win2012、CentOS6.9 and CentOS7.4, and more is coming.


Can I change Mac address of cloud server?

Sorry, MAC address of cloud server can’t be changed.


Does the cloud server support 301 server redirect?

301 server redirect, which won’t be blocked by FortSpace, is allowed to be set in server web configuration.


How to start DDoS protection?

DDoS protection for every cloud server connected to public network is started by default.


What would happen If peak value of DDoS attack exceeds value of DDoS protection.

If peak value of attack that instance suffers from is higher than value of DDoS protection,  instance will go into black hole status, and usually it will take 1-2 hours to restore. For stability of your business, we recommend you upgrade Anti-DDoS package.


Why black hole status cant be canceled immediately?

Duration of black hole state depends on attack. The reason why can’t be canceled immediately is that black hole is the service that FortSpace buy from operator who has specific limit for duration of black hole status, so it can’t be canceled immediately.





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